Saturday, November 28, 2009

Ok, so does this story not scare anyone else like it does me? A couple strolls into the White House and is able to meet the President and half of Congress and...they weren't invited? This is a major breakdown in Secret Service security and is inexcusable. We were lucky. This time it was a harmless couple looking for a little fun. What if next time it's a crazed terrorist looking to snap the President's neck?

Well the doors to the White House are open to that now, it appears. I know the White House is the people's house, but we've got to have tighter security than this.

That being said, what an impressive Facebook album these two will have no. A White House Dinners with pictures with the President, Vice President, Chief of Staff Rham Emmanuel, and numerous congressman. Pretty cool. If you ask me, it was worth it. I'm not sure how much time they will serve, but they lived the dream for a night in exchange for a few nights in jail--worth it.

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