Monday, June 22, 2009

Homosexuals mad? UNBORN CHILDREN should be ticked!!

An interesting thought flashed through my mind today-- homosexuals continue to fight vehemently for their rights through protest because they can't get "married." No one is stripping them of freedom or anything, just marriage. I won't divulge into the situation any further, because they should be standing up for what they believed and fighting for what they want. But how can we continue to even think about something as trivial as "civil unions vs. marriage" while the largest genocide in history is happening right under our noses? Unborn children have easily slipped into the most oppressed group of all time. 

Worldwide, over 42 million abortions are performed each year. Let that number sink in for a moment. Furthermore, 1.30 million are performed in the US each year. That number totals more than the number of soldiers killed in the Civil War, WW 1, WW 2 the Revolutionary War and the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812....combined!! (as if that wasn't enough, the total loss of American lives in those wars equals roughly half of the number of abortions performed in the US each year. Shocking, I know.) Talked about an oppressed people. Possibly even wilder, approximately 22% of ALL PREGNANCIES END IN ABORTION!! (I'm not talking just unplanned pregnancy, but ALL pregnancies)

Ok, ok, I'll stop boring you with statistics. Everyone knows the horrendous amount of abortions being done. Let's get into the meat of the argument. Want a bold statement? How's this: I'm going to lay out 3 simple points to prove President Obama wrong on abortion. But not just President Obama, but everyone who is for the infamous "woman's right to choose." 

1) These are children, not tissue. And the reason I know that they are is that our Judicial system says they are. Often times, when a pregnant mother is murdered, the murderer will receive a "double murder." He gets one for the mother and one for the baby (the unborn baby). This is called "fetal homicide". Cases like these, sadly, are common. Mother's even receive a homicide ruling when killing their own child with a knife or poison, getting the same life sentence if that mother would have shot her brother. 

Along those lines, another interesting point was brought up by my friend, David Schmidt, in a video he made. (which you can watch here: Even President Obama agrees-- the unborn baby is considered a child! If him and his administration are "strongly discouraging" abortions, they obviously agree that it is morally wrong. So what's so morally wrong about "killing" a blob of tissue? Nothing. They believe it's morally wrong, because they know that it's life. And that's point #1. 

2) The taking of innocent life is murder. Now we see that an unborn baby or a "fetus" is life. Hence being "pro-life" or "pro-choice" (who doesn't like life?). In other words, a fetus is no different than a two-year-old child. These babies did absolutely nothing wrong, yet they are being wiped out at an alarmingly high rate. It's difficult to sit back watch, as millions of future firemen, lawyers, doctors and yes, even Presidents, are being annihilated. The phrase that's often put in defense of abortion is that a woman should have a right to choose. How naive! A right to choose whether a child lives or dies? What if their baby comes out and they decide they don't like him? Can they just kill it? The woman doesn't have a right to choose who lives or dies!! And let me pose this- the man played a fairly important part in making the CHILD, do they have no say? Where is the man's right to choose? I know the baby is in the woman's body, but it doesn't make it any more "hers". And furthermore, what's so wrong with putting it up for adoption. There are millions of parents out there who can't even have kids. How tragic that we are killing off millions that could be potentially theirs. 

3) Therefore, abortion is murder. It's a taking of the child's life. In the rare case that the child could cause the woman's life, then the doctor should exhaust every possible option to try and save them both. Then I would say, yes, do what it takes to save the mother. Just like any taking of life, sometimes there are stipulations. Such as a trespasser being shot, which is legal. People bring up cases such as rape (although these cases are extremely rare. Like..... low single digits rare). Cases of rape should be no different. It doesn't make the child any less important. Put the child up for adoption if you choose not to raise it. The killing of unborn life (abortion) is murder. 

All that just goes to show how blind and foolish our government can be. This, not homosexuality or racism or religious persecution, will go down in history as the worst violation of civil rights of all time. A genocide that doesn't touch the likes of the holocaust. It's sad to see, not as a conservative or a Christian, but a fellow human being, these children, futures as bright as each one who's lucky enough to make it, getting wiped out. 

This is an issue that shouldn't be taken lightly and shouldn't be pushed to the side. Yet for some reason, it does. We've intervened in genocides before, but I guess this shows our selfish intentions. This time, we aren't threatened by a take over of world domination because WE are the ones doing it. I hope, and pray, that these children will be saved. The current administration has not and probably wont, do enough to stop this horrific violence. We should stand against it and elect someone with the guts to do it.

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