Thursday, June 11, 2009

Time to turn it into "Huck Mode"

In 2008, Mike Huckabee was looked down upon as the “God-Candidate”. Maybe not so much looked down upon as counted out. Sure, he got questions in debates—about evolution. Sure, he got press coverage—when his Christmas ad showed a cross in the background. It seems like we never actually heard about the issues with Mike. Which is a shame. It was frustrating as a Huckabee fan that I was told I should “pick a real candidate” while being laughed at.

Only a year later….whose laughing now?

The tables have been drastically turned. Mike has turned into a “third party religious candidate” to frontrunner. Which is why I’m calling all Huckabee fans to click on “Huck Mode.” Defined by Webster’s dictionary, “Huck Mode” is: “1) an attitude of severe pride for Mike Huckabee, 2) a non-stop campaign for Huckabee or 3) being a true conservative with defined, useful ideas.”

I’m calling all Huckabee fans to turn on all three. Here’s how to do it.


According to CNN, Fox News and just about every internet poll in the world, Mike Huckabee is the frontrunner for the Republican nomination 2012.  It seems, barring a freak incident (aka, catastrophes), that it is inevitable that he will run again in 2012. He’s already begun to schedule Iowa events in the hopes that Iowans will again pick him as the republican nominee. This seems very likely. If he can win the state with little support or media attention, and very little money, then he can win it as the frontrunner.  This is a cause for pride.

One huge way to show that pride for Mike is through grassroots websites and groups for Mike. A great one is Huck’s Army. Be sure to visit the website or the facebook page and become a member of both. Huck’s Army even has a forum where you may go and discuss all things Mike Huckabee. Blogging for Mike is always good, as well as showing him a little love on social networking (facebook, twitter, etc.) is always useful as well. Even make a small donation (a large on works too) to Huck Pac and create an account with them as well. I can tell you that the more these groups grow, the stronger Mike looks, and becomes, with the upcoming elections in 2010 and 2012. This is vital if you want to see a conservative revolution in these years.

However, you joining is not enough. Be sure that your friends, co-workers, family members and total strangers that you meet on a day-to-day basis, are very aware of these sites as well. You’d be surprised at how fast a group can grow if each member took this mindset and accepted the group as it’s own and spread the word. I challenge you to find out.

Constant Campaigning

Want to become a Mike Huckabee spokesman? Guess what? Yes you can!! (sorry for the choice of words…) Whenever you talk about Mike to a friend, you have the ability to impact the way he votes. If you consider yourself a “Mike Huckabee fan”, you instantly become one of his (many) spokesman—each as important as the next. It’s very important that you familiarize yourself with Mike, his policies and his past, the good, bad and the ugly. You need to be able to tell the person who asks about your bumper sticker why it’s there and why Mike would benefit this country. You’ll also find the “haters”. These people could be anywhere from Romney fans to liberals, who will attack Mike and his former policies. (If you need a good reference point for this, check my blog archive. I’m sure you’ll find useful tools there.) You need to be able to tell these people the truth and support your opinion.

Now that you are on Mike’s communication staff, try your hand in advertisement staffing as well.  A “Mike Huckabee 2012” bumper sticker is VITAL right now. A t-shirt or two wouldn’t hurt either. I’ve also just ordered my “Mike Huckabee Signature Coffee mug” from  Different items like these are great conversations starters for you to tell people about Mike and spread the word about the many organizations (such as Huck’s Army) that you’re involved in, and to invite them too!


Conservative Ideals

If you’re reading this, then you more than likely agree with the spread of conservative ideals. You probably want less government and lower taxes. You are probably conservative on most social issues. Maybe you just like the Fair Tax. You don’t have to agree with all of Mike’s policies to like him. But I think all of us, regardless of whether or not we agree on each little form of policy, want to see real change in Washington and want to see it in the form of Mike Huckabee. We want to see it in the form of faith and character, as well as in the form of bringing real, positive change to all our lives. We can all agree on that.

I hope you’ll join me along with many others devoted to Huckabee’s cause in changing politics as usual and to start acting like a frontrunner. Instead of being satisfied with where we are, let’s build the strongest grassroots army the world of politics has ever seen and show Mike we are with him every step on the way. It doesn’t start in two or three years—it starts now! Now is when we turn on Huck mode and begin to spread the word. I hope you’ll join us.

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