Friday, June 26, 2009

Who I like in 2010

I've been all about 2012 ever since President Obama was sworn into office. Putting Mike Huckabee in the White House has become my #1 goal. However, the 2010 elections are quickly approaching. As we've seen in multiple votes already this year, it's becoming increasingly important to have representatives in Congress that will share our values and opinions on issues. Here's a few that we can start with.

Remember, regardless of whether or not you live in their home state or not, join these great men's causes and help them get elected. Getting men like these elected all over the country is becoming increasingly important. Once you join, please take a couple seconds to invite your friends, as it's very easy. 

Matt Lockett, Kentucky 6th

The similarities I see in Matt and Mike Huckabee just keep coming. He is an ordained baptist minister and firmly believes in less government, strongly against bailouts and massive amounts of government spending, and a strong defender in the sanctity of human life. Matt is a great man who's got a great future in public service. You can join Matt's cause here:

Rex Rice, South Carolina

Rex is truly a down to earth guy. It's been a joy to have had multiple conversations with him already. Much like Mike, he's very conservative on just about every issue. Rex considers himself "The Fair Tax Congressman" and is a very strong supporter of it. Please help him out in his run to the White House:

Marco Rubio, U.S. Sen
ate in Florida 

Marco truly has a 
bright future ahead. Someday, he will lead a powerful Republican Party. I encourage you to watch a video of him, because he is very, very impressive, and hard not to like. It's obvious he's very smart and very capable of being elected to the Senate. He's already received an official endorsement from Huck Pac. His conservative values and his "it" factor make him an attractive candidate for 2010. 

These are just a few of many who need all of our help. Please, if nothing else, join their facebook pages and invite your friends (simply by clicking the "Suggest to Friends" tab under their picture then clicking "select all"). This will go along way in spreading the word and getting true conservatives elected in 2010, and really beginning to make a difference. 

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