Tuesday, July 28, 2009


After a short layoff, I've decided to continue blogging. Except I'll be changing my format. Hope you enjoy, and please leave comments!

-Mike Huckabee substituted for Bill O' Reilly on Friday on the "O' Reilly Factor." Apparently, the folks over at "the Factor" must have thought Mike did well enough the first time to ask him on again. Maybe Mike will become Bill's stand-in? Either way, the "Huckabee Factor" cleaned up shop outperforming all other major news stations at that time. (Mike should be used to that)

-Mike wins a poll for te 2012 Republican Nomination....AGAIN!! Except this time, he beat Romney by a cool 5 points, outside the margin. He was also able to defeat Palin even worse. This all from the Washington Post. He also won in the favorables, where he was again most popular among GOP candidates and polling better than Obama. Yet despite all this, Raumussen Polls continue to leave him out of their polling for 2012, for reasons beyond any understanding. For this reason, they are now on my new list, the "Axis of Evil", which also includes Rahm Emmanuel, Barney Frank and that Paris idiot who bashed Carrie Prejean. (while I'm on that subject, Carrie, will you marry me?)

-In other news, I hope to bring you more of an "inside scoop" in the upcoming years. I'm doing my best to work for a 2010 race (Matt Lockett in Kentucky 6th) a and a 2012 race (Mike Huckabee). If so, I will keep everyone updated on day-to-day events. We'll see!

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