Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sotomayor, The Huck Man and Funny People

-As I'm writing this, the honorable Judge Sonia Sotomayor is in the process of being confirmed. It should go down without a fight. As a conservative, I will note that I, for one, will choose not to care about this today. Sotomayor, as controversial as she's been, is a very qualified Judge who I believe will be fair. We have to pick our fights, and this is not one of them. She's going to be confirmed anyway, so why fight it? Especially with the growing population of hispanics that are beginning to make up a decent chunk of the electorate.  Let's use our resources to fight deficit spending and healthcare reform, not this. 

-The Huck Man (my new nickname for Mike Huckabee....because, you know, we're practically best friends. I mean, I shook his hand at a book-signing) is still "flying under the radar", apparently. This, for reasons I can't even fathom. What else can the man too? He's been the most popular candidate in the polls (Fox, CNN, Washington Post, etc.) by FAR. He's also been leading or one point off the top in every poll I've seen including many other GOP Internet polls. Yet for some reason, he slips pollsters minds while they are polling for Mitt and Palin. (They might as well test Jeb Bush and Ron Paul as well. Let's just forget the frontrunner, eh?)

-As I was watching Al Franken deliver his Sotomayor love letter in the hearings today, I just thought, "What is he doing in public office?" He looks, and acts, like he should be in the cast of "Funny People", not in the US Congress. But there he sits. 

-Halfway through Glenn Beck's "Common Sense". Beck is very cynical and a little loud (much like his show), but brings up some excellent points. One thing you find out about Glenn very fast is, although he is a big-conservative, he's not a big-republican. He equally hates all politicians. Although his book, thus far, is at times cynical and pessimistic, it should be read by all Americans, regardless of political affiliation. I think democrats would be surprised to hear that Bush takes more shots than Obama in this book. 



Is anyone else tired of the day-to-day soap opera that unfolds on every major news network, highlighting Michael Jackson's death? Ok, he died. It's sad, and I expect it to be reported. His funeral is a big deal, and I don't mind hearing about that. It's a homicide? Ok, interesting. But do I really want a line-by-line reading of his will or a daily account of his doctors? NO! It's getting out of hand. GET IT TOGETHER, PEOPLE!! There are still important events happening, like, gee....I don't know, the confirmation of a Judge to the Bench! Or how about America's gradual path to SOCIALISM! Pull yourselves together. 

-Michael Vick is back to the NFL. Sad story....

-Can we (and by We, I mean the people) STOP asking to see President Obama's birth certificate? Nobody likes a sore loser. The man's American. And guess what? HE'S CHRISTIAN!! Because he has dark skin and a funny name we now can't believe he's an American? We can do better than that. 

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