Monday, June 1, 2009

Joke of the Day

Ok, so I don't have a Joke of the Day, but I do today. Read this this morning and really enjoyed it. Maybe it's old news, maybe you've heard it, but I don't care. It's funny. 

The Joke: 

So it's a bright sunny day in Washington DC so Mike Huckabee, Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama decide to take a stroll along the Potomac. 

Mike Huckabee notices a homeless man, so he walks up to him, takes 20 dollars out of his pocket and hands it to the homeless man. He then proceeds to give him his business card and says "You come by my office any time and we'll have a job waiting for you." The man is grateful.

Then "Fancy Nancy" Pelosi comes along. She notices the homeless man and walks over to him. She takes 20 dollars out of Mike Huckabee's pocket, keeps 15 dollars for herself for fees and gives the homeless man the 5 dollars she has left. 

The Barack Obama walks up to the Homeless man and looks him straight in the eye and, with charisma, says "It's going to be OK! Change and Hope are coming soon!" Then walks off and does nothing. 

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